Tristate Paranormal Research Society

Phone or text : 724-249-3627

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Tristate Paranormal Research 
Society located in Washington,Penna.We research and investigate Penna,West Virginia and Ohio.

The group was founded in 1994 by .We are now approaching 17 years of research and service in the paranormal  field.Our team primarily responds to residential requests from families believing they are experiencing activity that is of a paranormal nature ..We use scientific methods to collect and document the activity and offer counseling and resources to obtain a resolution to the activity when warranted.    

Our particular field of expertise is in the field of Parapsychology and environmental studies as they relate to and correlate with paranormal activity. As with experience comes a deeper insight into the related "signs and or systems" associated with the direct connection and involvement of effects on the environment as well as
the people experiencing said activity.
Parapsychology in essence is the
study of these related events and data
We are here to assist and educate people believing they are dealing with a haunting or paranormal activity.

"We there to experience the 
phenomena and document it and to help those being effected."

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